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Forage Seeds Millet Blend (Acre Pack)

Forage Seeds Millet Blend (Acre Pack)

  • £17.50

Forage Millet Seed Mix (Acre Pack)
White Millet
Red Millet
Pearl Millet
Browntop Millet
Japanese Reed Millet


Why Buy this product?

  • Will provide huge amounts of feed
  • Japanese Reed Millet is stiff and frost resistant, and will last until February
  • Red, White and Pearl Millet have differing maturity dates which ensures a long feeding window
  • Excellent when used at flushing points
  • It is also a good wind break for surrounding covers
  • Very popular mixture
  • 1 year mix
  • Sow April - June

Suggested Fertilisation: 75/50/50kg/ha


5 kg per acre

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