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Nectar Flower Seed Mix (AB1) (OP5) (EF4) (5 kg Acre Pack)

Nectar Flower Seed Mix (AB1) (OP5) (EF4) (5 kg Acre Pack)

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Nectar Flower Seed Mix (AB1) (EF4) (5kg per acre)

10.00% Alsike Clover                                                                                                        10.00% Birdsfoot Trefoil                                                                                                    5.00% Black Medick                                                                                                          40.00% Common Vetch                                                                                                    10.00% MERULA Red Clover                                                                                            10.00% ALTASWEDE Red Clover (Late Flowering)                                                             5.00% Lucerne                                                                                                                   5.00% Sweet Clover                                                                                                           5.00% AP2 Eco Wildflower Mixture (over 20+ Wildflowers, 4 from the AB1 recommended wf list)                                                                                                        100.00% (5.00 kg per acre)



Why Buy this product?

  • Environmental seed mixture full of the very best nectar plants from the AB1 and EF4 lists
  • With a good availability of essential food sources, to attract nectar-feeding insects, including butterflies and bumblebees
  • 4 nectar rich plants need to be established with two perennials to comply 
  • Sow the mix in blocks or strips between 15th of March to 30th of April or 15th of July to 30th of August
  • Rotationally cut 50% of the area each year between 15th of April & 31st of May. Must not cut in successive years. 
  • Cut the whole area between 15th of September & 30th of March, removing all cuttings 
  • Dont graze between 15th of March & 31st of August
  • More details here


5kg per acre 

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