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Wild bird 2 (8 kg Acre Pack)

Wild bird 2 (8 kg Acre Pack)

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Wild Bird Cover 2 Seed Mix (AB9) (EF2) (8kg per acre)

38% White Millet
26% Quinoa Blend 
8% Forage Rape
10% Linseed
10% Kale Blend
5% Fodder Radish
3% PULSAR Rape/Kale Hybrid
100% (8 kg per acre)


Why Buy this product?

  • Diverse range of plants that produce large amounts of seed
  • Kale, Fodder Rape and PULSAR ensure a proliferation of seeds in the second year
  • Sow either on its own or with cereal seed such as Triticale
  • Sow in blocks / strips, at least 6 meters wide, min of 0.4 ha, max 5 ha (for ELS)
  • They should be well distributed across the land
  • Complies with the Environment Stewardship Scheme AB9 Mid Tier & ELS (EF2)
  • For more information please follow the links 


8kg per acre

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